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Ipe (pronounced EE-pay) is indigenous to Central and South America.

Ipe decking inherits the tree’s natural properties to make it the toughest, longest-lasting decking material available. As you can see in the many pictures on this site, ipe decks add touch of class to any outdoor space.

The more you learn about ipe wood decking, the more you’ll understand why architects and designers around the world prefer it to any other option.

Ipe is the most expensive option available for decks, costing more than composite and other types of wood. “It’s exotic-looking, has a rich warm color and a unique grain.

Besides good looks, the main advantage of ipe decking is that it can last 30 to 50 years.

The disadvantage to using ipe is that in order to keep the rich brown color, you’ll need to oil the wood every one to two years with UV-inhibiting oil.

But once you have an ipe deck, you won’t have to think much about repair or replacement as it’s resistant to scratches, rot and warping.

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